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Yam Wits Lodge

Cayo District, Cayo

Hotel Description
Yamwits Lodge is a Belizean family owned and operated business "where quality and comfort count." Located on the scenic Hummingbird Highway, it sits within a sprawling citrus farm which is surrounded by picturesque mountains and rivers.

Two main buildings provide accommodations: the lodge and the bunkhouse. The lodge consists of six comfortable rooms upstairs with private baths, hot and cold water. A wide veranda overlooks the farm and mountains. Downstairs there are three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living/dining/kitchen area that is sometimes used by the family but is also available for short-term rental. The bunkhouse is another structure approximately 20 yards from the main building. It consists of three rooms and a large open area that is well-lighted and screened. It can also be used as a lab or classroom. There is a large grassy area surrounding the main building which is used for camping. Two outside bathrooms are available for guests using the bunkhouse or camping grounds.

Yamwits Restaurant and Bar faces the legendary "Sleeping Giant" at the entrance to the property. It is an open building, allowing guests to view the beauty of the surroundings. The major bus companies pass just a short distance from the building so transportation to all parts of the country is readily available.

History & Owners
In 2003, retired secretary and mother of five, Joy Smith, found it difficult to just sit at home. Yamwits is situated within a sprawling citrus farm which was owned by Joy's father, now deceased. She invested in this small venture to compliment the citrus farm and to lay the groundwork for future opportunities for her children. Joy is Jamaican by birth but Belizean by choice and she is determined not only to carry on but to expand her father's dream.

Caroline Bellini, the eldest child of the family, was born in Jamaica but raised in Belize and married to a Belizean. She loves the kitchen and has a natural gift of "making something delicious out of almost nothing". She is organized, hard-working and dedicated, making her the ideal person to manage the restaurant and bar. Seeing her customers enjoy the meals she prepares gives her the greatest satisfaction. She is the mother of two small girls who are often around giving a "helping hand".

The name "Yamwits" was given to Joy by one of her former colleagues who was of Mayan descent and suggested it would be an appropriate name since it means "between the mountains".


Fan in RoomPrivate Bath
Hot Water24-hour Electricity

Languages Spoken


Location & Directions
Mile 35 1/2 Hummingbird Highway, Cayo District
From Belmopan, Yamwits is a short 15 mile drive south along the Hummingbird Highway. The entrance is on the left side of the road past the Sibun River Bridge and just before the Silver Creek Bridge.

Local Flavor

Coco Buns
Sweet & Sour Chicken

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Name: Joy A. Smith
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 822-2906
Mailing Address:
#8 Swasey Street
Belmopan City
Cayo District


  • The scenic beauty of the locale
  • Hospitality and family atmosphere
  • A convenient mid-point location connecting the rest of the country to the south

Price Range in US $
$31 to $60
Seasonal Rates Available
Group Rates Negotiable
Type of Payments Accepted
Cash, Travelers Check
By phone or email
# of Units
7 - 12
Can Accommodate
26 Guests

  • Mission statement: Where quality and comfort count
  • Conference facilities available for up to 18 persons.
  • Because of animals on the farm, no pets are allowed.
  • Being a wooden building, smoking is only allowed on the grounds, not in the building.