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Music & Arts

Hear it and see it!

Creativity knows no end. It stretches down long roads, up hills, along rivers, around corners and out to islands. It resides everywhere from wooden clapboard houses and under thatched roofs to museums and the lighted stage. Scattered from the tiniest village to the heart of the city, Belizean musicians, artisans and craftspeople contribute to the rich and diverse culture through their creative expressions.

A well-known Creole song says, "...with comb and paper and spoon and grater, turn upside down your broom and beat d' rhythm…", and old and young Belizeans adhere to this call to make, play, sing and enjoy all types of music. Throughout the country you can hear musicians play punta rock, brokdong, reggae, marimba, soca, mariachi, orchestra and more!

Likewise, artists and crafters provide a feast for the eyes through their painting, jewelry, textiles, ceramics, furniture, sculpture, wood and slate carving, basketry and more. Their artworks can be seen in museums and galleries, gift shops and spontaneous galleries that appear on roadsides and in homes.

So, get your ears and eyes ready to see it, listen to it and celebrate the creativity of people! The artists and musicians included are a sample of the many that you will find dotted throughout the country.

If you are interested in contacting one of the artists, your best bet is to track them down once you arrive in Belize or drop us a note and we'll see what we can do. If you meet or know of some musicians, artisans and craftspeople who are not listed, please contact us with the information.

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