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Belize is known for its friendly and diverse population. Nine ethnic groups create a mosaic of colors, cultures and personalities. They are neighbors, shop owners, music makers, bakers, storytellers, healers, entertainers and friends. They ARE Belize. So, whether you are riding the bus, walking through the jungle, buying fruits at the market or just hanging out, take time to visit with our people. This can lead you on one of your most memorable adventures in Belize and best of all, it costs you nothing but time.

These "Interesting People", recommended by Toucan Trail hotel owners and managers, represent a sampling of the kinds of people you might meet in local communities. There are thousands more out there with a story to share.

While traveling on the Toucan Trail, if you find someone who fits as an Interesting Person, drop us a line and send us a digital image so that we can include them in this listing. Let’s celebrate Belizeans!

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