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About Toucan Trail

The Toucan Trail is a cooperative marketing effort of over 100 small hotels which offer rooms for US $60 per night or less. The program is fully supported by the Belize Tourism Board in an effort to promote socially-responsible, environmentally-sound, sustainable tourism of benefit to local communities and the visitors who go there.

The hotels have to meet specific criteria set by the Belize Tourism Board and sign a pledge of good business practice in order to be included and also receive ongoing support and assistance to improve their hotel product.

Toucan Trail properties are located throughout the country from the cities to off-the-beaten-path outposts in the less-touristed areas of Belize. In addition to information on each accommodation, this website features the 'local flavor' of each destination detailing the uniqueness of these small communities and practical details of how to get there, things to do, etc.

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